Given that your average producer won't be a professional mixing engineer and won't write 300 albums in their lifetime, would you recommend they always get their albums mixed by someone else?

Ott responded on 09/01/2012

If I need a guitar part I call a guitarist. If I need vocals I call a singer. When it is time for mastering I hire the best mastering engineer I can find.

We can't be specialists in every area so it makes sense to stick to what you're good at and call in people who are more able in their particular field to carry out processes at which you are maybe less proficient.

Mixing is a skill acquired through hours of experimentation and you would need to decide whether you have the inclination to become good at it [if you're not already], in which case you'd be better advised to put in the hours and learn.

On the other hand, you might just want to get the fucking record mixed, in which case you should call somebody like me.

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