I also use stems when playing live, but one thing I've struggled w/ is the loss of the sonic finish that comes from the mastering process. How do you address this, or don't you worry about it? Thanks!

Ott responded on 09/17/2012

I did worry a great deal about it and then I got onto a stage and realised that the signal was passing through a cheap mixer, down some questionable cabling, via a pair of Behringer D.I. boxes and into another slightly less cheap mixer, where it got a bit of crunchy channel EQ and then sent back down 50 yads of wire to be passed through some mid-market graphic equalisers, into a crossover with a set of brutal limiters then out through two stacks of horn-loaded speakers, blasting out at terrifying volume into a cubic concrete box full of sweaty punters and no acoustic treatment.

From that perspective, the .25 dB of 150hz that Kevin added during mastering didn't seem terribly important.

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