but mackie seems 2 offer most routing possibilities. how about midas venice :(only 4 buses):, sound craft gb8, soundtracs topaz? ever mess with any of these? whatcha like about soundtracs so much??

Ott responded on 09/21/2012

Routing possibilities come about 73rd in my list of priorities when choosing a mixer.

Top of the list is sonic character of which the Mackie has very little and the older British consoles have in buckets.

Soundtracs EQ sounds enormous compared to the Mackie - it is big and fat and dirty when you push it. The Mackie, to my ears, sounds like plastic. I know there have been many great records mixed on Mackie 24:8s though so feel free to ignore me.

I'd take the Midas over all of them though and my next mixer will probably be blue and yellow.

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