Any workarounds or tips for mixing electronic music in a room with poor sound treatment?

Ott responded on 09/27/2012

Invest in some better sound treatment.

So many people spend thousands on synths they don't need and completely neglect their room acoustics. £200 spent on foam [unbranded from Ebay] can make a MASSIVE difference to your mixes and the time it takes to finish them.

Otherwise I'd suggest learning to mix as quietly as possible and there is no substitute for hours spent learning your environment.

All of my albums were mixed in completely untreated rooms. "Hallucinogen In Dub" and "Blumenkraft" were mixed in a living room, 'Skylon" in a garage and "Mir" in a barn.

My new studio has impeccable, purpose-built acoustics and I'm very curious to see what, if any, difference this makes to the finished sound. At this point I'm guessing it will be a lot easier at least.

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