Can you recollect the first time you ever played your Ott material infront of a live crowd? How did you feel, and how did the show turn out?

Ott responded on 10/01/2012

Yes. It was 31st May 2003 at The Synergy Project at the SE1 Club in London.

I was shitting myself and was convinced it was awful but everyone told me it was great.

My good friend Naked Nick was there - although we hadn't met at the time - and he assures me to this day it was a great set.

All I could hear was muffly stage monitoring and a horrible sound reflection from the back wall.

The SE1 was known to sound awful. It used to be an indoor car park and is essentially a series of interconnected concrete boxes with a gang of violent psychopaths as 'security'.

And I got skanked for half my [modest] fee.

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