Hi Ott, I'm looking to get a small pair of monitors to a/b my mixes and to simulate small consumer speakers. I wanted your opinion on Avantone Mixcubes or any other suggestions.

Ott responded on 10/02/2012

I actually bought a set of Avantone Mixcube actives and sent them back after three days. They were appalling.

I am well used to the sound of Auratones having used them for years as an engineer and the Avantones sounded absolutely nothing like them. Auratones have a particular sound I would describe as 'flat between 100hz and 10khz' with a steep roll-off at either end.

The Avantones, on the other hand, just sounded nasal and insubstantial.

If you already have a set of usable nearfields I'd advise you to get a set of reasonable multimedia speakers and use them as your 'realworld' reference. I've been using a £50 Sony radio cassette player since 1996 and everything I have ever released has been 90% mixed on that.

I use the NS10s for solving problems and fixing sounds and the Sony radio for everything else.

In fact, if I have one 'secret weapon' it's that.

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