Dear Ott, how does one combat the evil curse known as "Gear Lust". Is there some magic set of armor locked deep within a dungeon that will protect me from it's black magic?

Ott responded on 11/25/2012

I found the best way to deal with gear lust is to spend every penny you own on stupid shit that you never use and then drive around in a shitty 1996 Toyota while it all sits there in your studio covered in dust.

I reached the point of having way more gear than I need a few years back and the amount of stuff I had piled up in my spare room while I was building my studio genuinely concerned me. I'm about to have a huge eBay studio sale because I need the space and I want a Neve 33609.

The thing to do is to isolate what you are trying to achieve and buy only what you *need* to achieve it. Anything else is a distraction. Make absolutely sure your studio is a workplace and not a status symbol.

And never forget - it's your brain which makes the music, not your equipment.

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