Hi Ott, can you explain the way you do your reverse reverbs particularly on vocals. Thanks

Ott responded on 12/03/2012

I reverse the vocal track and add reverb. I record this reverb to a separate track and then reverse both tracks so that the vocal is back to the correct way round and the reverb is reversed, taking care to make sure that both tracks stay correctly positioned in relation to each other. Then I edit the reverse reverb track so that it only appears where I want it.

It is much easier doing it digitally than in the days of tape because when you thread up a 24 track tape backwards the track numbers are also reversed, so that track 1 becomes track 24, track 2 becomes track 23 etc. This leaves much room for error and I'm sure a few people have accidentally erased their piano track because they counted wrong.

It's a great effect though and almost always works. In general I find most sounds work better backwards. Whenever I have a sound which isn't quite cutting it I'll try flipping it backwards before I delete it and usually end up with something I like.

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