what kind of miks and preamps do you frequently use!? i wonder how u get the natural proximity of your mic inputs,

Ott responded on 12/03/2012

I don't understand what you mean by "natural proximity of your mic inputs". Please explain.

For mono sources my main workhorse is a 1st generation Rode NT2 large diaphragm condenser. I use it on everything. If that isn't working I'll switch to a Shure SM58 which usually does the trick.

For stereo sources I like to use a pair of AKG C451 ULS condensers or a pair of cheapo Shure PG81s.

For snare drums I use a Shure SM57, toms I use PG56 and the Shure PG52 is probably the best kick drum mic I've ever heard. And I've heard a few.

I'd love a FET Neumann U47 but they're pretty hard to come by and cost thousands. I'd also like some Bruel and Kjaer 400x omnis but they're even rarer.

I love the preamps on my RME Fireface 800s. They sound as good as any £1000 esoteric preamps and way better than any console preamps I've heard.

If I want a bit more character I use the input preamps on my EMS 2000 vocoder with the vocoder section in bypass. That works brilliantly for percussion.

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