do you record with sample rates higher than 44.1khz?

Ott responded on 12/03/2012

Not generally but I have experimented with it.

96khz is definitely an improvement but using it halved my track and plugin count and a few of my favourite instruments and fx didn't cope well or at all. Now I have a better computer and most plugin developers have fully implemented 96khz I may try again.

I loved what it did to the top-end. The sound didn't brickwall at the Nyquist frequency, which I had never noticed before but which using 96khz revealed. At 96khz the high frequencies seemed to roll off very smoothly above 24khz and the mix sounded much finer, more natural and, well, analogue.

And even though I had to resample to 44.1khz to supply the final master, the effect remained, possibly due to intermodulation between frequencies at mixdown.

I had a go with 192khz too but honestly couldn't hear any difference. 96khz appears to be optimum right now.

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