Do you look up to Trevor Horn's professional trajectory? Why/why not?

Ott responded on 12/19/2012

I don't know about his 'professional trajectory' but he has made some stupendous records.

Being a teenager in the 1980s he was unavoidable and whilst I didn't love everything he did - I thought Frankie Goes To Hollywood were astonishingly overrated - he and his team more than made up for it with the Art Of Noise, Grace Jones, ABC, Propaganda, etc.

In 1984, the Art Of Noise were completely mind-blowing to me. They sounded like digital punk but played on a 250 grand machine that I was never likely even to see, let alone touch or play. From the moment I heard'Beatbox' and 'Close To The Edit' I knew I had to own a sampler. Took me four years but I got there.

When I was an engineer I got to work in his studios - Sarm East, Sarm West and Sarm Hook End - and they completely reflected the obsessive attention to detail evident in his productions.

And 'Video Killed The Radio Star' is sublime genius.

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