Would Yello's "Ciel Ouvert" have been impossible without a Fairlight? How did the instrument, deep pockets and creative genius relate at the time?

Ott responded on 12/28/2012

Not impossible but maybe more laborious to make.

There was something offensively exclusive about an instrument which cost £250,000 and I wasn't hugely impressed with what came out of them. People tended to rely on presets a lot and there were a lot of identikit 'Fairlight records' about in the 80s.

That's not to say Yello didn't produce some incredible moments but I think they were far more engaging when Boris Blank was wrestling with more primitive technology.

For me the definitive Yello moment is the original 7" mix of 'I Love You'.

I had the 3D picture disc and to me that record is as important as anything Giorgio Moroder did in the gestation of modern-era electronic music.

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