I believe it's the default peak meter in Sonar. The mix is in the box. I never did this so I thought I'd ask you. Here's the link if you've the time. thx²

Ott responded on 01/11/2013

The concept of using the gain [trim] knob to bring your source signals into a useful operating range is a good one but not terribly well demonstrated here.

Notice how most of his faders are scrunched down into the last 20% of their travel? That is one of the reasons we use the gain [trim] - to avoid this exact situation.

Most faders work exponentially - that is, their resolution decreases the further down their range of travel. The upper half of their travel might cover 25dB whilst the lower half might cover 60 - 80dB. The ideal situation is to have your faders working around the 0dB to -10dB range; if one or more of your faders are right down at -40dB that is a clear indication that the gain structure of those channels is less than optimum.

I tend to record at [or trim to] around -18dB VU on each track and I find this gives me all the headroom I need.

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