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"I tend to record at [or trim to] around -18dB VU on each track and I find this gives me all the headroom I need."

This relates well using K-14 levels to mix later? thx³

Ott responded on 01/15/2013

Depends on the program material.

But a very common mistake when working in the box is to record everything hot in the mistaken belief that hotter is better.

This used to be the case when the effective dynamic range of tape was around 50dB but now we have 144dB to play with [@24 bit] there is little point in cramming it all in at 0dB FS.

In Cubase I have cranked my meters down so they start showing red at -12dB FS and this encourages me to record lower. Lower level means more effective headroom - so more space for those unruly transients which make music so much more exciting to listen to - and a much better sounding mix.

Discovering that was a revelation to me.

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