How much room is there for improvisation during shows with the band?

Ott responded on 01/13/2013

Matt, Chris and Nick have unlimited scope to improvise, within the parameters of each song. I do too but a lot of my energy is devoted to managing the equipment and trying to stop it all falling over. We are bound by key, tempo and, to a large extent, the arrangement of the song. Because I rely on a lot of sampled percussion and sequenced synth parts we have to play to a click track and we're bound somewhat to the sequencer.

That's not a limitation though - it's a large part of what we're trying to do. We're trying to blur the boundary between live performance and computer music and achieve a perfect 50/50 blend of the two. It is quite disciplined but we can do quite a bit to make each night unique.

We're never going to turn into a noodly jam-band though. You will never hear a wailing guitar solo or a 20-minute jazz-funk cover version of 'Astronomy Domine' at one of our shows.

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